Thursday, August 28, 2014

Crash and Burn from Full Moon

Crash and Burn
1990 film review by Wmpyr

I finally got to see this cult classic Full Moon science fiction film. I know I saw it back in the day, I just didn't remember it, and I've been wanting to see it since I became a fan of Robot Jox. After recently watching Robot Wars and it was nice to see this because this one in some ways very loosely feels like a prequel to Robot Jox or Robot Wars. It's definitely more stylistic and moody than the other two. Story wise this could have easily been a vampire or werewolf film where your in a confined space and there is a murder, and nobody knows who did it, but they all know he/she is in the room. At the very end we briefly get to see the giant mech come to life, but that's it. This film wasn't bad, it wasn't really what I was expecting, since I thought it would revolve more around the giant robot, but I was still able to enjoy it. If you like this film I highly recommend Hardware (1990) which is an awesome movie.

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