Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Trancers from Full Moon entertainment

1985 film review by Wmpyr

Even though this is a Full Moon pictures film, I wouldn't call this a horror film, to me this is a sic-fi action flick, it feels like an Albert Pyun flick. Tim Thomerson plays a tough guy cop from the future, who is very similar to the role he played in Dollman. Helen Hunt plays the punky girlfriend who just comes across as sweet even though her character in real life would probably be very-very different. The concept of a psychic cult leader that creates killer minions called trancers is a very unique concept. Tim Thomerson has to time travel to the past to protect the council's ancestors, but sadly he doesn't get to take his laser gun with him, instead he gets a revolver plus he is equipped with a hi-tech watch that slows time for 10 seconds just once per trip. Overall I think director and owner of Full Moon entertainment Charles Band did a good job, it was a nice flick, if you like Dollman or Albert Pyun flicks then this is a go!

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