Monday, June 2, 2014

Ghoulies 2 from Full Moon

1988 film review by Wmpyr

So the Ghoulies series is an attempt by Full Moon to cash in on the success of Gremlins, although the concept was suppose to have been conceived before Gremlins came out. I am sure that I have seen the other Ghoulies films back in the day but I don't remember them, a lot of people on IMDB are saying that Ghoulies II is the best. That being said, I have seen Ghoulies II multiple times recently. It's easy to watch, simple to understand, an entertaining flick with some things going for it. The carnival is a great location, even though the mood of the film wasn't as striking as another Full Moon carnival flick, Sideshow, this one was much more campy, light hearted and not bothersome. Sideshow was well done, but it just creeped me out too much. In fact as a film, I would say Sideshow is the better film, but entertainment wise, I enjoyed Ghoulies II much-much more! I do really like the alcoholic magician, the dickish son of the owner, and the dwarf Phil Fondacaro steels the show. The Ghoulies end up in a haunted house at the carnival resulting in tickets selling out the roof was a cool scene, and of course the Ghoulies themselves are great because they are not CGI, and I like that they are different ones, the fish creature, the flying one, rat face, and in the end we even get a giant ghoulie demon that devours the other ghoulies.

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