Friday, July 18, 2014


Scary or Die
The Theatre Bizarre
film reviews by Wmpyr

I saw a video review on Youtube about V/H/S, and the reviewers said that it wasn't all that it was hyped up to be. After that I wanted to see it and judge for myself. It has a good reputation, they even made two more, so it had to have been moderately successful at the least on some levels. I'm pretty sure I had seen some of it before and I just turned it off, so I was reluctant to watch it. Instead I watched Scary or Die, and then I watched The Theatre Bizarre, after enjoying both of those films I decided to give V/H/S a try. I have to say that I enjoyed all three films, one thing they have in common is that each film is comprised of multiple short stories like Heavy Metal The Movie. Probably what some reviewers completely miss the point, is that the great thing about these kinds of films, is that they give lesser known directors a chance to shine. That should be the most important aspect of these films. Out of the three films I felt that Scary or Die was the weakest, it's really just personal taste at this point. While the clown story in Scary or Die gets the cover treatment, it was only okay of a film for me, mainly because of the story although I did like the evil clown vs evil clown fight near the end. I felt like the stories in Theatre Bizarre were more creative and definitely the overall film feels the most artsy of the 3, with a european vibe, which can turn off some people who don't like artsy fartsy. I think Theatre Bizarre is the best of the 3, V/H/S did a great job and is a close second with some stand out stories and scenes that surpass Theatre Bizarre, but the reality cam corder type filming is too much of a negative for me. At the end of the day I know this is not real, and it does not make the film any scarier, all it does is create crappy footage, which is not very appealing to me, I want to see something visually interesting not visually annoying. However I am very much looking forward to seeing V/H/S 2 & 3.

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