Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Coffin World Lego horror comic book by Wmpyr

Comic book series by Wmpyr

Coffin World 1: Casket Queen

Coffin World 2: Coffin Metal

Coffin World 3: Casket Lord

Coffin World is a comic book horror story told with Lego and other building block toys.
I used accessory pieces from:

After I recently purchased 32 Full Moon Entertainment movies and watched them all, I was inspired to write my own horror story.
The first story introduces the reader to coffin world which is an alternate realm that a person can enter by sleeping in the coffin. This realm is inhabited by many monsters but ruled by a vampire ghost named Priestess Basori.

I wanted to make the second story wilder, so I introduced a bunch of new characters including a paranormal investigator duo lead by the legendary vampire hunter Van Helsey, and a death metal band whose odd interests lead them to the supernatural coffin.

The third story briefly goes into an origins tale covering what exactly the coffin is for, and then we have the Nazi using the coffin for ghastly experiments.
I had a blast making these, I hope to make more in the near future, so stay tuned!

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