Saturday, July 5, 2014

Space Adventure Cobra film review

1982 film review by Wmpyr

I'm an 80s kid, and when I was living in Japan, I was heavily into manga back then. My uncle and grandpa got me a manga one day and it was none other than Cobra! It was a little bit too mature for me back then, but my dad instantly took a liking to it, and soon after I was into it too. We had the entire 18 issues and I remember reading it over and over because it was that good. I finally just now got to see the movie on Hulu. This was great for me because I finally got to see this film which I thought would never happen. I really enjoyed the film, and all the nostalgic memories that it brought back. Do I think that the film captures the essence of the manga? It's hard to say because the manga consisted of many many memorable great stories. This movie is just one story, and it focuses heavily on romance. And that's a touchy subject for Cobra since he is very much like a James Bond type character, always single, every time you see him, there is a different gorgeous woman in his arms. So in some ways this is the "Her Majesty's Secret Service" of Cobra, so I don't think it truly captures the feel of what Cobra is about. Cobra in a nutshell is James Bond in outer space, he is actually like the Roger Moore style 007 because he is a silly fun loving guy but action is his middle name, he is a space pirate, wanted by the Pirate Guild which is a very powerful mafia type organization. Cobra travels space in his ship named the Turtle, with his trusty female android named Lady. His nemesis is a high ranking Pirate Guild member named Crystal Boy. Cobra is very much like 007 because he has so many gadgets, his lighter is actually like the lighter from the film In Like Flint, but he also has cigars and boots with hidden functions. In the space age of laser guns, his trusty weapon is a 44 Python revolver a la Dirty Harry, and his left arm which is a cybernetic shell that hides a Psycho-Gun, a powerful blaster that is triggered by his mind and blasts psychic energy. There were so many great sci-fi action adventure stories in the manga that were inspired by many famous films. I'm a big fan of the manga so it was great to finally get to see this film, and I really liked that they changed the story from the original which I believe was the Salamander Fuhrer story. Even though I find the film by itself lacking, because I'm a huge fan of the manga and I've read the manga many times, I have to say that this film ROCKS!!!

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