Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Reaction Figures action figure toy review Alien Freddy Krueger Michael Myers Pinhead T-800 Terminator

Funko Reaction Figures
Action figure toy review by Wmpyr

I first took notice of the Universal Monsters Horror retro style figures I spotted at Toys R Us. I was very tempted to pick them up but I passed them up. I liked how they looked vintage but that was also a reason for me to not get them and look for the more detailed GI Joe figures instead. I've recently become a little disenchanted with the super articulate and fragile figures so these super simple Reaction Figures have been a great change. I had Kenner Star Wars figures from back in the day so these figures are no stranger to me. When I finally decided to go for it, the first two that I got were Pinhead and Michael Myers. Second one I got was the T-800 Terminator, non chrome because from my experience chrome toys do not age well. Third batch was the Xenomorph from the film Alien and Freddy Krueger.

Easily the best made of the bunch. They really went the extra mile with this one, it has a ton of detail, a movable tail, dorsal siphons, extending teeth, removable clear head piece, sadly the glow in the dark spots on the brain do not work.

Freddy Krueger
Very good detail on the face, shirt, and even claws. The claw is not removable which is not a bad thing. He comes with a removable hat which is a nice touch.

Michael Myers
I got him because I like his movies even though this figure maybe the least cool looking out of this bunch. They did give him a kitchen knife, and he does look like the character, he's not bad, but my others ones look so great they make him look not as desirable.

My personal favorite of the bunch, even though I know the Alien figure is way cooler. I just really like the films and the character. He doesn't have pins on his head but they did a good job capturing the essence. I also like the box (Lament Configuration) they gave him it was a nice touch.

After the Alien this is the 2nd coolest looking figure, they did a good job with all the detail on this endo-skeleton Terminator and it really stands out. The chrome version does look nicer, but I know what happens to chrome toys after some time and it aint pretty. Careful on the joints of this one, they look real fragile.

Bride of Frankenstein
Easily one of my favorites. She is an icon, yet not as overexposed as Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster or the Wolfman. I like how she is like a fusion of many monsters, her face is pale like Dracula complete with white streaks along the hair, her arms are bandaged like The Mummy, yet she is from the Frankenstein story.

The Mummy
I've always thought that the Universal Horror Studio's Mummy looked cool, and this figure doesn't disappoint, it has very good detail on the face, bandages, he even has the ring from the film.

Predator Unmasked
Sadly this figure disappoints, the quality control on this one was quite bad, one of his leg wasn't sculpted right making him difficult to stand and pose well, and his gauntlet blade was messed up, one blade was chopped off short, and I have since then gone back to the store to see more of the exact same figure suffer the same fate. Be extra careful if you want to get this one. While he doesn't have head articulation because of the unremovable shoulder gun, his overall sculpt is pretty cool especially the head sculpt.

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