Thursday, June 5, 2014

Omega Doom movie review

1996 film review by Wmpyr

This is a film by Albert Pyun, who I swear has a fetish for cyborgs, at the very least we can say he is the king of cyborg films. I personally like many of his films such as Cyborg, Dollman, Heatseeker, The Sword and the Sorcerer, Kickboxer 2&4, Nemesis 1~4, Knights, and Bloodmatch. I thought Omega Doom was done by Full Moon pictures because it definitely has that kind of feel, but I wasn't able to find it on their website, so I guess it's not. The story is basically like Yojimbo/A Fist Full of Dollars, in a post apocalyptic setting with a hybrid cyborg played by Rutger Hauer who mind plays two warring gangs, hi-tech cyborgs vs the more barbaric droids. I think this was such a success with the robotic sound effects and the actors playing mechanical beings that this film deserves cult movie status, and the weapons plus outfits are cool too. Location is pretty confined but for this kind of story that works just fine, and it works, the city ruin definitely has a post apoc future feel to it. I think this movie was executed so successfully that Albert Pyun decided to try a similar run but more adult (since Omega Doom was made for TV) with Nemesis 4, but I have to say that Omega Doom is the better film. I found Omega Doom to be quite enjoyable, and the story also reminded me a lot of a Nagai Go manga titled KISHIN.

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