Monday, August 25, 2014

Decadent Evil II from Full Moon

Decadent Evil II
2007 film review by Wmpyr

Another Full Moon entertainment film to add to my personal collection. This was pretty cool because it's a vampire film and I like vampires. The reviews on IMDB were pretty harsh, I did enjoy this movie and I'm happy to own it. I still think Subspecies is a much better Full Moon vampire film, but this one brought some unique elements. The identity of the head vampire is kept a secret until the end, and through out the film you have to guess who the vampires are. The backdrop is a strip club, normally I that would be a big negative for me, but this time it works out fine, because so many of the Full Moon pictures I've seen like to use castles which is awesome, but it's a nice change. The mystery suspense thriller aspect of the film didn't quite workout so much for me, which is like 80% of the film, the last 20% pics up, where we see a dwarf vampire-vampire hunter. It's nice to see for once a movie where the strippers are not full of silicone. And the ending punishment scene is pretty funny. While not great I do believe it definitely had some things going for it. I have to rank it above Prison of the Dead and Dangerous Worry Dolls. I haven't seen the first Decadent Evil and it really didn't seem to matter. This was much better than what I thought it was going to be, and it makes me want to see again the cult classic film Vamp.

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