Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Cyborg Albert Pyun film

film review by Wmpyr

I just saw this film last night again, I did a search on my youtube channel and to my surprise I haven't done a review of this yet so here I am! this film was made to use the costumes and sets used for the sequels of masters of the universe and spiderman which were cancelled. so basically it was written so they could recycle those props and salvage some money. And I am so glad that they made this because Cyborg is one of my favorite JCVD films, and one of my fav films by director Albert Pyun who really likes action, MA, and a thing for cyborgs. It may even be in my top 10 fav. sci-fi films list as well. I like Cyborg because it has MA, set in a post apocalyptic future, muscles, all kinds of cool weapons, including some really awesome blades, a katana like sword, wicked serrated knife, a kukri, and even a switch blade shoe for crying out loud! Director albert pyun originally envisioned the film as a heavy opera without dialogue in black and white, obviously that didn't happen, but it kind of explains why the film was shot the way it was. Very memorable to me is the music, VDs character hardly has any dialogue, there's lots of emotion, his character is a very tragic one, and it to me this kind of tormented character is very attractive, like in a dracula sort of way. The pain is the motivator for revenge, but still somewhere underneath the ultra violence there is kindness, a sense of humanity. The music helps and the flash backs are not annoying to me. One brilliantly shot scene is when he is looking after Nady and sharpening his knife and you can see him being haunted by the past. I really enjoyed the fight scenes where VD took on those military bandits, and then of course the main bag guys are pirates in a post apocalyptic future which is pretty unique and their leader Fender steals the show! interesting trivia is that Fender is played by a real life surfing champ. The costumes are really amazing as are the weapons. When VD gets crucified another scene that brilliantly captures the torment going on inside his psyche, but it also captures his drive, his anger, and the bottom line the strength of his character that he will not give up, and he is a worthy hero, the scene where VD is underground doing the splits waiting for his victim to pass by underneath as he readies his knife, has got to be one of the most awesomest blade kills in cinema history. The victim by the way is Ralph Moeller best of the best 2, Another reason why I like this film is because it reminds me of a more realistic version of Fist of the Northstar which is one of my favorite mangas I grew up reading. originally Albert Pyun thought of Chuck Norris as the lead but Cannon suggested JCVD who just finished bloodsport. I can see Chuck doing a good job actually, but I am glad they went with JCVD, if they chose Chuck it probably would not have reminded me of FOTNS.

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