Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Zombie Outlaw Comic Book review

Click here for review of issue number 2!!!

Zombies are extremely popular right now, anything zombie is hot property. But the competition is also fierce. At such a time, Brian Apodaca brings something new to the table without deviating too much from the formula. Currently only issue number one is out so not much is revealed but much can be anticipated.
As opposed to graphic novels, I like comic books because you can put them up on your wall as decoration, so the cover art is important to me. In fact, that's one of my hobbies to go to Half Price Books and get a bunch of crazy comics that I know nothing about, purchased strictly based on how cool the cover looks. As far as covers go, Zombie Outlaw doesn't disappoint, a straight to the point old school style comic book cover featuring the main characters with easy to understand captions. On the side of it is a giant cool looking zombie face which makes you wish it was in Glow-in-the-dark. The zombie face would also make for a nice t-shirt print as well.
I'm not going in too deep into the story, because I've already done a video review, which you can view right here! But the main idea is, we have college kids- a must for any slasher horror film. We also have a legend revolving the background of the monster which is unusual for a Zombie story. Further more the legend comes from the Wild West days making this partially a western, even though set in a modern college campus. On top of that the main zombie seems like is going to be either a super hero like the Incredible Hulk or a super villain. Now we can speculate all day long, but the truth is who knows until you read more issues! The bottom line is that the main ingredients to this story is interesting and ultimately presents something unique which is not easy to do. It seems like Hollywood has tried just about everything when it comes to zombies, but hopefully in the near future we will get to see Zombie Outlaw as a feature film, especially since there have been so many comic books making it to the big screen lately!

Zombie Outlaw Fan Art by Wmpyr

Zombie Outlaw Promotional Video

Trailer for Zombie Outlaw at ComiKaze Expo in Los Angeles!



brian said...

Very nice review, man!

BPJ.Illustration said...

Hey, thanks for the cool reviews! Next issue is going to be much, MUCH more awesome with tons of cool zombies and more wild characters. The artwork is more refined with some slight changes, but due to popular demand, the "Popeye arms" remain! We'll keep you posted.

Thanks again!

B.P. Jordan