Monday, April 1, 2013

Zombie Outlaw issue 2 review by Wmpyr

Zombie Outlaw fan art by me
Hello this is Wmpyr, and this is my review of Zombie Outlaw #2, Oh Yeah! Once again let me start with the cover art, because I personally like that sort of thing since I like to hang up comic books as wall deco. Issue #1 had a vintage comic book style cover that worked for me. Issue #2 goes in a completely new direction, looking very modern and action packed, I like all the detail here. The comic book itself has very nice quality pages, to me that is very impressive. Reunion comics is an independent comic book company that sets the bar very high imo. This issue starts off generously with a recap of what happened last issue, then goes into a little bit more history on the Zombie Outlaw legend which is a 2 page read done in a story book fashion. The basic idea is that we have the story take place on campus with some interesting college kid characters running around. I personally like David AKA Scooter, a crazy dude that comes alive in a crisis situation. And we get a little bit of character development from this Scooter who says he's traveled from campus to campus fighting all kinds of monsters, like vampires, aliens and biker chicks!? In the meantime Tad who is a muscle head jerk is now in the hospital and slowly begins to turn into a zombie while Matt the hopeless romantic gets into a brutal fist fight with his buddy Scooter. Everyone in the dorm gathers around to watch this epic fight, which kind of reminds me of the infamous fight scene in the film, "They Live" starring Rowdy Roddy Piper. By now Tad fully transforms into a zombie and let me tell you, he doesn't look like a normal zombie, he is massive, looks like he would give The Incredible Hulk a good brawl. We have another zombie spring up, and slowly but surely as you would expect from any zombie story, the epidemic begins. So issue number 2 doesn't disappoint it's action packed, but let's think about where this is going, we know that campus is filled with college kids so there's going to be a ton of zombies, on the other hand let's not forget the zombie outlaw and the cursed cowboy hat that will get you possessed. For the story we have a winning formula here, Matt has to somehow control the powerful zombie outlaw and solve the curse, survive the zombies, fight uber zombie Tad, and do all of that while impressing the girl of his dreams! Highly recommend Zombie Outlaw, it just keeps getting better and better!

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