Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lapu Lapu Corto Gunting knife review

LAPU LAPU CORTO knife review by Wampire

The LLC was produced by Cherusker Messer desgined by martial arts expert Bram Frank.
GM Bram Frank was a student of Remy Presas in Modern Arnis.
His website is

The LLC is an extremely well thought out tactical knife that is recommended to martial artists.

The LLC is a knife that belongs in the Gunting family of knives.
All Gunting knives have a multi-use ramp on the spine.
You can hook the ramp to deploy the blade, this is called a kinetic opening, there is also a divot on the handle for indexing which allows you to change grips easier.

The Gunting knives follow a strategy called the Force Continuum. This means that the knife is designed to be used closed as a unique palm stick to dispose of the threat with a non lethal impact tool. If for some reason the situation escalates to a more violent scenario you can deploy the blade and now use it as a knife capable of lethal force.

The ramp AKA the Bramp can be used for striking like a hammer, pain compliance techniques, take downs, kinetic opening off of various things including your opponent's limbs, and for ambidextrous thumb opening.
This knife also features a spoon clip, puzzle lock which is an extra strong lock, a curved handle for a better grip, and a persian style blade, zipper like teeth along the handle for gripping purposes, there is also some areas on the handle that have pointy striking areas.
The red knife is a drone for training that has no edge or sharp point. The blue one is called a CRIMPT which is an impact tool with no blade but designed to restrain and apply pain. The black one is the live blade.

My personal review is that if you understand the benefits of palm sticks such as a kubotan, then you can appreciate this knife. It goes beyond just having a glass breaker at the bottom of the handle. I think this is a fantastic knife because it's really two tools in one, a palm stick and a knife.
There are a few negatives though. For example I have been pinched by the lock on several occasions. When closing the knife I wish the ricasso was larger to allow for more finger safety room, especially due to the puzzle lock-for one hand closing, you have to shake it.
Other than that it's an excellent knife and I can see why it won the IWA tactical knife of the year award.

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Great review. I enjoyed the video as well. -Sledge