Tuesday, March 8, 2011

One for all, and all for one!

How often do you hear this?
That is sport. In the street its not going to work.
That is unrealistic it will get you killed in real life.

Today there is an unhealthy division in the martial arts community.

Traditional Martial Arts, Combat Sports, and Tactical Systems.

The division comes from marketing and insecurities and childish behaviors.
The bottom line is all three are connected.

What we call Traditional Martial Arts today was the latest thing back then. It is our link to history. Without the appreciation of history we are bound to repeat the same mistakes.

Combat Sports is and has always been the next level to test out your skills. It is a simulation of reality and the testing format has brought the most important benefit unique to combat sports. The competition from adversaries. It's not about how realistic or how many moves you know, but what level you have competed in.

It is impossible for anyone who has trained seriously in martial arts to not have thought of practical and tactical solutions. Therefore Tactical Systems we see today are nothing special. It's nice to see certain materials put in a clear cut package offered specifically for self-defense to be learned in a short period of time but the bad mouthing of other styles and stating how a style or technique is not going to work only leads to discrimination.

In any quality martial arts, all 3 types must be present.
If not, at least the idea of knowing that all 3 is part of one whole, and that no singular division is any better than the other needs to be understood.

Bad mouthing and criticizing is really low class behavior.
Throughout history people have done some wicked things in the name of religion, in martial arts it seems as if, people have taken the right to be abusive towards others in the name of realistic, best, or practical.

With a mature and open mind, the population needs to seriously take a chill pill.
The proper way to tackle such issues is to do it silently in your own head. But be humble, respectful, unassuming, and unselfish.

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