Saturday, April 16, 2011

Urban Camo Karambit by Smith and Wesson

This was one of the most affordable Karambit folding knives that I had seen, that was still considered to be acceptable quality. Any lower and I would be purchasing a knock-off or in that grade of knives that had iffy quality.

You can say that the quality of this knife IMO is acceptable, not great, not bad, you get what you pay for sort of deal. But to me the knife is just fine, the only area I'm not stoked about is the frame lock. Mine does lock without blade play so that is good. I just can't say that the frame lock feels good. I also wish it had a STRIDER style disc on the back of the frame lock bar that you see on their folding knives. That would make me utterly satisfied with this knife.

That being said, I do like the clip even though it has only one position available which is right side, tip down carry. Perhaps a tip up carry would have been better because you can put on a zip tie to do a Wave open.

I think the urban camo really looks good here.

The handle shape is to my liking, it feels good in the hand, and the holes in the handle only make it better (for weight reduction, easier cleaning, last hole before the ring can be used for Indexing-which is a method of switching grips).

The ring is smooth and works fine.

The ambidextrous thumb hole on the blade is excellent, jimping on the spine is really good too, not uncomfortable yet provides friction.
I like the blade shape, it's your standard Hawkbill shape simple and solid, not overly curved or extra pointy tip, which is good because those things can ruin the knife. In other words they played it safe with the blade shape, which is fine by me.

Conclusion: A good staring off Folding Karambit Knife if you ask me.


Jennifer Martin said...

The karambit knife is the most tactical knife which is used in knife fighting training as well.

Admin at Misl-E-Hukumat said...

I retain a facsimile, Smith & Wesson Urban Camo, on me wherever I go. It has a practical design, a good blade (if maintained properly) and can be used for a variety of purposes. How do you carry yours? In it's cardboard box or just straight in your pocket? What do you do about the lint in case of the latter?