Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Twisted Metal games

I'm glad that the PS3 allows our PS1 discs to work. It's a damn shame and disappointment that it doesn't read PS2 discs.

One of my favorite video games of all time is the Twisted Metal series.
You maybe asking, why is this on a martial arts blog?

The Twisted Metal games are about Car Combat. Instead of martial art styles we have different types of vehicles. Because you are essentially a car in this game, compared to being a fighter in a typical fighting game, your faster, travel around larger areas, and do more destruction.

Twisted Metal 1
Game that started it all. When it first came out, it was so unique, there was no classification for it. It started a new genre.

Twisted Metal 2
The creators have said that the game mechanics of TM2 is better than that of TM Black. Now this is a big deal because back in the day, TM Black was considered to be the best car combat game ever made.

Twisted Metal 3
3 & 4 have been chastised by many as being the worst of the series but just maybe that'll make you like it even more.

Twisted Metal 4
This game has a Rob Zombie song in it, wait it also has Rob Zombie in it! The characters are comedic, and it actually has a build your own car feature even though limited gotta give them props for trying!

Twisted Metal Small Brawl
This is the only game here that I do not own, I bought it but I was so disappointed with the controls that I had to get rid of it. I thought the concept was brilliant, the stages were immensely fun, but the problem is that they changed the steering, maybe they wanted the cars to run like a real RC car, but why change the core control of the game? It would be like making the next Street Fighter game but to jump and block you had to press a button.

Rogue Trip Vacation 2012
Even though this isn't a Twisted Metal game, it still has every right to be listed here. Car Combat game designed by the original makers of Twisted Metal. Very underrated game with a completely different theme but still a solid car combat game just like any of the PS1 Twisted Metal games. This could be the best PS1 car combat game.

Twisted Metal Black
Bastard Sony for not making this PS2 disc playable on the PS3!
Challenging and awesome. Even though it was one of the early games released for the PS2, it was considered widely to be the King of Car Combat games. The game was a bit hard, but it got a complete make over, from the PS1 days, sporting PS2 graphics and speed that blew away the predecessors.

Twisted Metal Head-On
I have this for the PS2 and the PSP, once again Sony was a bastard for not allowing this and other great PS2 game discs to be played on the PS3. So far I'd have to say this is the best in the series. The PS2 version had a lot of desirable bonus features, but the most important aspect is that the actual game is SOLID as hell.

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