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SNAG Live Blade Folder DEEP review by Wmpyr

SNAG Live Blade Folder
Deep Review by Wmpyr

(Specialized Nerve Assisting Grab)

The unique looking SNAG knife was designed by martial arts expert Louis Krudo.
The SNAG knife is a modified karambit that has a unique S shape.
The versatile S shape allows for tremendous leverage, it also makes the SNAG compatible to many martial arts techniques.

General stats:
9CrCo13MoV Stainless blade
Bead blast finished blade
Combo edge (plain & serrated)
Finger ring
Folding Thumb Support
Solid aluminum handle
Liner lock
4 way pocket clip

Length: 6.8"
Blade: 2.5"
Weight: 4.4 oz.

Non-lethal Impact Tool

In the closed position, the SNAG becomes a non lethal impact karambit. The aggressive jimping on the SNAG can be used for grip retention, gripping onto the enemy, and tearing skin open.
Since the SNAG can be used immediately as is in the closed position, there is no need to worry about deploying the blade as fast as possible.
That being said, the SNAG has a variety of methods to deploy the blade, some of which are lightning fast.
1. Using the Blade Lever to open the knife with your thumb somewhat like a conventional knife.
2. Kinetic Opening, which is hooking the blade lever off of an object such as enemy limbs to deploy the blade.
3. The blade lever can also be used to hook off of your pocket and other article of clothing for a quick opening!

Thumb Support

The thumb support is a clever folding ramp that I've never seen on any other knife before. The thumb support can enable more leverage when applying certain moves.
The solid one piece metal finger ring has aggressive jimping and a slightly protruding area specifically for striking with.

Upswept Blade

The SNAG blade is dual purpose. The edge side is a combo edge, and unlike most knives where the spine is inactive, on the SNAG, the spine side features aggressive jimping for hooking and controlling.

Characteristics of the SNAG blade:
1. Deploys Blade Offensively
Deploys the blade offensively because of the upswept tip. The point of the blade immediately faces outward towards your opponent as the blade is being deployed.

2. Large Cutting Surface
When punching with the SNAG, the cutting surface area is large.

3. Protects Fist
The unique shape of this knife ensures that your fist does not make contact with your target keeping it safer than normal knives.

4. Anti-Grab
The upswept blade allows for you to cut your attacker's arm if they grab a hold of your wrist, arm, or hand attempting to control or disarm your knife.

5. Stabs Well
Unlike most knives with curved blades, the SNAG can still stab very well.

6. Goes Around
Like most curved blades, you can go around a blocked target and hit it.

7. Slices Towards
Most knives slice objects by drawing the blade back towards you, imagine cutting a tomato. The circular blade on the SNAG slices by moving towards and past the target, like a wheel rotating forwards. This enables strong body mechanics when in the clinch/CQC.

Technically one can say that the SNAG is a Karambit and Kirpan hybrid.
The S shape knife is good for trapping, manipulating, and controlling your opponent as you cut them.
The SNAG knife is compatible to those who train in martial art styles that have joint locks, trapping, and fight in the clinch, such as Filipino MA, Kuk Sool Won, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Boxing, Ju-jitsu, and MMA. As a side note, the creator of the SNAG Louis Krudo has background in Kali and Arnis.
This multi-purpose self-defense weapon is a very versatile tactical knife, if you can appreciate the effectiveness of a karambit then you will like the SNAG knife.

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