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This is an article for fun, for those of you that just can't get enough of the SNAG knife.
Just what is it about this fascinating knife that makes us want to learn more about it?

My second special pack from Louis Krudo!
SNAGette 2.0 Controller
SNAGette Fixed Blade with Sheath and Carabiner
Tactical Credit Card Comb

The SNAGette 2.0 Controller is the thicker pointier meaner brother of the original SNAGette!

The SNAGette Fixed Blade is designed to be used as a keychain knife, neck knife, or standard waist carry knife. It is ultra compact, and can be used as a Controller with the sheath on. You can attach keys to the sheath so that you can use it as a self-defense flail. Depending on where you attach the keys, it can make the sheath fly off easier or harder, so that you can use it as a projectile weapon if you want. Furthermore the sheath can be removed by striking against your opponent resulting in a simultaneous cut as well.

SNAG Controller Polymer Tool
SNAGette Controller

The primary ability of the SNAG is that, it provides more LEVERAGE than your average knife. More leverage when using the blade means more power in your cut, stab, and strike. It really helps when you cannot put your body behind it such as a seated position, or when climbing.

The primary ability of the SNAGette is that, it is a TECHNIQUE ENHANCER. The ultra compact size and twin holes means that you can use your hands while holding this tool. You can execute just about any martial arts technique without the SNAGette getting in the way. In fact, the SNAGette will act as a force multiplier and help you strike and grapple better.

All about the S-shape
Just imagine sinking the point into your enemy, right above their collarbone and then pressing up on the Thumb Support to try and rip out their collar bone.

SNAG Live Blade Folder
I like Karambits so it was really easy for me to like the SNAG. Actually it is more than just a modified Karambit, it is an evolution, the next step forward. The folding thumb support, the upswept blade like a persian dagger, jimping as aggressive ridges on the spine of the blade and ring. If all this wasn't enough, it has a lever on the blade that was modeled after the classical straight razor, how cool is that? This lever is quite an ingenious design providing multiple benefits, such as ambidextrous thumb opening, Kinetic Opening where you hook off of the enemy's limbs, and as a striker in the closed position.

Modified Karambit with a wicked blade!

When looking at the overall shape of the SNAG knife in the open position, it reminds me of a most scary knife... the knife made famous in the film "Cobra" starring Sylvester Stallone. The knife used by the evil Night Slasher is a very memorable blade. To me the SNAG is a like a more modern, legal, good guy version of this knife. The NS knife was a large fixed blade which would be illegal in many states just for the size alone. It featured a persian style blade that looked razor sharp. The SNAG is more compact and has a more exaggerated upswept blade that has a combo edge and ridges on the spine. The NS knife also had a menacing spiked knuckle duster style handle. The SNAG instead has a karambit style ring hole with aggressive ridges instead of spikes, which is basically a single knuckle style knuckle duster.

The aggressive ridges on the ring and blade lever result in tearing of the skin when used for striking as a karambit impact tool in the closed position.

As far as usage goes, to me the SNAG is a fantastic martial arts knife because it really does more to enhance fighting techniques compared to a regular knife. In the closed position one can just use it like a type of brass knuckles/fist load and just simply hammer away at the opponent until they are a pile of beaten meat. I personally would also use it to aid me in submission moves mostly on the ground, by enhancing the effectiveness of grappling moves such as the guillotine choke, kimura lock, americana lock, rear naked choke, and so on. The SNAG knife can also be used to cause a lot of pain by attacking weak points and sensitive areas, I can use this to manipulate my opponent by getting them off balance so that I can execute a take down much easier.

Some people may find this knife expensive, but it is cheaper than a firearm and just as effective if not more so in certain specific situations. It is also a very unique knife with good quality. It is inbetween that of a mass production knife and a custom knife, when you look at it that way, the price makes more sense. Your getting an extremely practical and unique knife but it doesn't cost $500+ like a custom knife.

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