Thursday, January 5, 2012

SNAG Versus 635

Top: SNAG Controller Folder by KRUDO KNIVES
Bottom: NAVY 635 by SANRENMU

SNAG Controller Folder
NAVY 635

Back when I put up a video on Youtube about the 635, I never had so many people ask me that many questions about a single knife.

Soon after I was contacted by Louis Krudo, the designer of the SNAG knife.

He informed me that the 635 was a poor quality knife that failed to meet his standards. He offered me a chance to review the real deal.

Nobody asked him to do it, but he took the challenge to compare his SNAG with the 635.

He is absolutely confident in the quality of his product, he was willing to bet that my viewers and I would agree with him.

Small differences occur in the shape of the spine lever, super aggressive jimping, clip shape. The most notable difference is the Thumb Support device on the SNAG which is missing on the 635.
While the over all shape, size, and proportions are very close, there are some notable differences. Let's have a closer look, let the break down begin!

The 635 reminds me of the Lapu Lapu Corto knife because it utilizes G10 handle scales and a similar looking lock on the spine of the knife.
The SNAG on the other hand, has a solid metal handle, and utilizes a liner lock mechanism.

The 635 features a blue color handle with some fine texture you would expect from G10.
The SNAG features a brilliant anodized metallic blue-green color that has a nice sporty look. The handle is smooth but due to the arc shape handle and aggressive jimping found on various parts of the knife, a slippery grip is not an issue here.

The 635 has liners under the G10 and the ring hole is divided into two, and then linked by a black plastic ring.
The SNAG handle is made of two very solid aluminum parts, and the ring hole is made from one solid metal.

The 635 comes with two blades, one is a live blade and the other is the controller blade which doesn't have an edge or sharp point. Louis Krudo has informed me that this is not 440C steel that it claims to be and has not been heat treated correctly.
The SNAG comes with an extra pocket clip which is important if you want to change clip positions, two different clips are needed because of the curved handle. The blade is a controller meaning it has no edge or point. Unlike the 635, the SNAGs are color coded for instant recognition, meaning the black handle has the live blade and the blue handle is the controller.

In the end it is fact that the 635 uses the SNAG design but does not receive the creator Louis Krudo's approval. If we were talking about food, he is the meat inspector and in his eyes the 635 is a meat package that fails USDA requirements.
When I compare the quality between the two knives, if the 635 is like a VW Jetta, then the SNAG feels like a Ferrari Enzo. You know the saying, you get what you pay for.

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