Monday, February 20, 2012

SKYLANDERS video game characters

SKYLANDERS Spyro's Adventure

Here is a list of the ones I have so far (13) and my brief opinion on them.

This guy reminds me of a T-rex. He is pretty cute because he is dumb.
His rolling capability makes up for his close range mace tail.

Chop Chop
I didn't care for his face, but I like everything else, plus he is undead, my favorite element. Starting off he doesn't seem that good, but he's one of those that seems to get much better as he levels up.

I like his Australian accent, since both of his attacks involve the boomerang, he seems a bit on the boring side, but seems practical in combat.

Obviously looks powerful, and plays like a mini Incredible Hulk type strong and powerful character. He looks pretty cool too.

Ghost Roaster
My favorite in the game. To me this is a silly version of Ghost Rider. I like his maniac laughing voice and his skull attack is effective and looks cool.

Gill Grunt
The character may not look that interesting but he plays well. I actually like him. To me this guy is everything the MOTU Merman wanted to be.

The coolest looking Skylander. Can easily become anyone's favorite. The skull base of the Undead glow in the dark, so how can you not like the Undead :)

Lightning Rod
His body is like pearl like color, really unique and awesome looking. I like Greek Mythology, and this is definitely Zues like. Seems pretty powerful too.

Sonic Boom
I thought he was a bird, but now not sure what exactly he is. A griffon? His secondary attack spits out an egg, it hatches, and a mini Sonic Boom will go attack the enemy, now that is major awesome sauce!

He doesn't hover as well as Hex. Character wise, he is a dragon, and dragons are cool, even though Cynder and Whirlwind look cooler, he is still a dragon!

Stealth Elf
Definitely one of the coolest looking, however starting off she is kind of weak. Level her up and it seems like she can become really enjoyable.

Shark guy, reminds me of the 90s cartoon Street Sharks. Really like the way he looks, haven't used him yet so I don't really know how he is.

Trigger Happy
Because of his guns he is easy to use. Reminds me of a wacky version of Taz.

Wrecking Ball
He is some type of insect. I don't care for him much at the moment but maybe he will get much better as he levels up.

Reminds me of Nimrod from the TV show SURFACE. Plays very well starting off.

My Most Wanted List (from least to most)
Stump Smash
Slam Bam

I am looking forward to the sequel, and the new figures coming out.
I am not happy with the portal how it takes batteries... they need to change that period.


Agent Spectre said...

Glad to see you're a Skylanders fan as well! :3

Wampire said...

wow been a VERY long time! hope your doing well! glad to hear from ya, thank you for your comment! I updated the post.