Sunday, February 5, 2012

STAR STRIDER Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone

Fighting Fantasy 27
Game Book review by Wmpyr

I have a soft spot for Star Strider because it was given to me on my birthday by my aunt in England a very long time ago, since then I have read this game book many times and enjoy it to this day.

I have read some reviews by some experienced game book readers saying that this book doesn't play well. I can definitely see their point, Star Strider is hard, there are many instant deaths, difficult math problems to solve, choices that are hard to remember, and plenty of areas to get lost in, such as the dirty dark city and the maze.

Let me say something though, what makes this game book so enjoyable is not the game play aspect, but rather the story telling.

Like Snake Plissken from the film Escape from NY, you are an elite operative sent to rescue the President. The back drop however is a science fiction action that makes me think of films like Blade Runner and Freejack.

You are an elite Rogue Tracer called a Star Strider, you have all kinds of combat training, but your primary weapon is your Catchman handgun which shoots a liquid plastic, also if you get far enough in the game you will get to use a neutron sword which I imagine is something like a lightsaber.

Your enemy are a hi-tech humanoid race called the Gromulans. They use 2 types of weapons. A portable hologram device to mess with your brain, and a T-800 Terminator like powerful androids.

You will travel to a dirty dark city, enter a shady club, get into street fights, encounter gang members, infiltrate the Gromulan HQ, fight in a gladiator style arena, and navigate through an abstract maze.

To further set the mood, the lingo found in the book to me really does the trick. Reading about Zipcars and food cubes puts a smile on my face.

I have 2 other Fighting Fantasy game books but this one has always been my favorite because of the story.

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