Tuesday, March 27, 2012

FALLOUT NEW VEGAS video game review PS3

As an old school gamer, the open world type games are very new to me. My first open world game was one I just got recently, Skyrim, and I have been playing that on a regular basis for about 2 months. I was so impressed by the game, I wanted to learn more about it so I saw a making of video on Youtube and the creators mentioned the game they did before was FALLOUT.
I like Post Apocalyptic Future films so I had to try Fallout. So I got Fallout New Vegas.

Currently I am level 10 with 2 companions ED-E and Veronica. Previously I had another file where I was also a level 10 but I had made enemies with Caesar's Legion and they had constantly been attacking me so bad to the point where the game almost felt unplayable, so I started over and this time have completely avoided making any factions angry at me, at least until I become a higher level and a more seasoned player. It kind of bites that maybe by now I could have been a much higher level character if I didn't have to start over.
The game is hard, harder than Skyrim. Sometimes I find myself doing very well killing mutated creatures, and then all of sudden they kill me no problem.

Compared to Skyrim, I do feel that Skyrim is the better game, however there are some very likable things about New Vegas and actually some things that I prefer.

For example in New Vegas, I do like the retro simple graphics menu for the perks, items, and even the map. Also the loading time has been much shorter for New Vegas compared to Skyrim, and there are less glitches. Skyrim for the PS3 has some major technical issues that has made me want to purchase the XBOX 360 for a better gaming experience even though the graphics do not look as sharp.
I do not like that I have to constantly have to deal with my clothing and weapons deteriorating unlike the weapons in Skyrim.

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