Tuesday, March 6, 2012

LaserLyte KA-BAR Pistol Bayonet review by Wmpyr

LaserLyte Serrated Pistol Bayonet attached onto Walther P99 airsoft gun.

*Carbon steel blade
*Black teflon coating on blade
*30% glass-filled nylon handle
*2.75 inch blade
*4 ounces
*Custom Polymer sheath

Let me begin badly with the sheath, I do not like this sheath. It is difficult to use, not quick, and it seems to be falling apart, I see black specs on the blade every time I unsheathe this knife, because the sheath rubs on the blade edge and it is falling apart.

Now let's move onto the blade, I really like it! The serrations on the spine, pretty sharp edge, the shape, I'm digging it.

The handle does have that bulky part for the bayonet attachment feature but what are you gonna do? Aside from that the handle is pretty good. I like the flat handle bottom and the oval shaped hand guard, the handle itself is tubular sort of reminds me of a pineapple grenade. I see 3 screws going through the handle that not only hold it together but actually play an integral role when tightening or loosening it up when fastening this knife on the pistol rail, however I wish they had a bolt on the other side for a little bit more quality.

The knife overall looks and works great. It's a small fixed blade, looks like a mini Rambo knife, very cute. I tried doing some of my martial arts techniques with it, and it works just fine.

Okay the main feature is the pistol bayonet ability. One problem was that, I didn't know which airsoft gun was going to be compatible. I can tell you now from experience that the Walther P99 will work provided that you use the extra rail attachment that my Pistol Bayonet came with. Once attached, it does what it's suppose to do. A blade on your handgun.

For me the pistol bayonet is not a novelty item. In martial arts we train with various weapons, including ancient weapons that are no longer used anymore, but we continue to train with them to develop discipline, practice techniques, develop core skills, and for exercise/fitness.

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