Monday, April 30, 2012

The Demzly Show Wmpyr martial arts channel interview

The Demzly Show Youtube channel hosted by martial artist Duane who also interviews other Youtube martial artists.

Why the channel name?
Wmpyr is a hybrid between a vampire and a demon, basically the same idea as the western dragon, it symbolizes conquering your inner demons.

Website and designs
My website is
I've been trying to make my knife designs come to life, I've had to put a hold on my own knifemaking skills recently, but I will continue soon again and keep designing, keep making prototypes, it's a hobby and a dream, I'm not going to stop.

Why I use knives and what are the benefits?
I use knives because to me it is the sword of modern times. The benefits of the knife go beyond protection, because the knife is a useful tool.

How do I train to stay in shape?
My daily routine consists of sticks, shadowboxing, Kata, Russian health exercises, using dumbbells like kettlebells, stretching, breathing, and cardio.

Why I do escrima, what is it, and is it a good art?
Escrima is the art of stick fighting, famous for being from the Philippines, it is a heavily weapons based style that starts you off with double sticks right away.
FMA (Filipino Martial Arts) is very compatible to other styles, and teaches you the art of improvised weapons. I also like how the stick techniques offer a puzzle that I have to keep solving.

Inspirations and role models, what gets me up in the morning?
My 3 biggest role models have been, Dracula, Bruce Lee, and Kenshiro from the anime Fist of the Northstar. I just want to live a happy life, for that to happen, inner strength, safety and discipline to me is a must.

Have I ever had to use my skills in real life?
Yes but not in the way you might be thinking, all my street encounters have been about avoidance, escape, awareness, prevention, verbal diffusion, and outsmarting my possible assailants. I've had a gun pulled to my head twice that I'm aware of, and my life threatened numerous times. It all comes with the territory when I was working security and living in very bad neighborhoods.

Name 3 useful MA
I believe all MA can be useful. It's not what can this style give you? But what can you make of this style? Whatever you put in is whatever you get out.

What does MA mean to me as a person, how has it helped me as a person?
MA helps me walk the path of life, it has improved my personality.
It has given me a warrior code to follow, constantly helps me to have a clear mind. And to be strict to myself so I don't become self indulgent.

Would you like to be in films?
Yes I would like to be involved in the making of B-movie films because those are the ones I enjoy the most.

Any projects that I've created myself?
I've been writing, MA books, and game books. Most of this stuff can be found on my website:

Any books, magazines, or dvds to recommend?
The Book of Five Rings and The Art of War. As for BJJ, Mario Sperry's Vale Tudo DVDs 1-12 changed my game tremendously, later on Eddie Bravo's DVD The Smoking Machine/Twister, and his book Jiu-jitsu Unleashed had a huge impact on me.

What is your favorite film? Any MA films that I recommend?
I don't have a favorite film right now.
I recommend Way of the Dragon, The Karate Kid, Iron and Silk, A Grande Arte (Exposure), and the documentaries Choke and Rites of Passage.

Any quotes to share for us?
"You can only see the stars when it gets dark enough." -Anonymous
"The art of guerilla fighting is to make every disadvantage into your advantage, this is what indomitable spirit is all about." -Wmpyr

What is your teaching experience?
I owned and operated a school in san antonio and houston. But I've been teaching a long time now, even when I was training in MA, often times I was the assistant instructor.

Any advice for people starting off in the MA?
I hope you view it as a journey rather than a class. Be humble, patient, and diligent.
Don't become a blind follower or you can get brain washed, stay away from people who take advantage of those things. stay away from people that are negative and put down styles.

What is the purpose of my channel?
To provide interest in the martial arts, and hopefully help make the community a better place by encouraging the right things.

How has having a channel been beneficial to me?
I'm getting practice in making videos, work on public speaking, and gives me constant teaching practice.

Is it possible to learn from internet videos?
100% I say yes, where there is a will there is a way, but you also need to have experience training under an instructor in person.

What makes a good/bad instructor, good/bad student?
Good instructor is like Mr. Miyagi teaches you to be a better person. Bad instructor uses you and forces you to be not yourself. Good student trains for the right reasons, bad student trains for the wrong reasons.

What are the pros and cons of the internet?
How easy it is for a person to comment is a double edge sword. Nice to interact with my viewers, but there are some really rude people out there.

Do you do any body hardening exercises?
Knuckle pushups, shin hardening, and other stuff back in the day, not so much now.

Recommend just one exercise
The escrima sticks, you don't have to be in shape, and you can train alone.

Your philosophy on MA?
Way of the warrior is to become strong first, then nice, and to not become negative towards a style or technique, which means don't be negative towards other people's ways but instead open towards how you can make it be a positive thing.

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