Wednesday, May 2, 2012

THE FOOT FIST WAY martial arts comedy film review by Wmpyr

I found this film to be funny and enjoyable. 

I was worried that I was going to find it offensive/racist, because that can easily happen in comedy.
I'm really glad that it didn't occur.

To me the film is a success because it's well filmed. 

Danny McBride carries the show, he plays the role of the egotistical TKD instructor perfectly. 
I'm glad that the director Jody Hill put himself in the film because his character is hilarious.

I wish this was made into a TV show kind of like how Super Troopers started RENO 911.
Maybe they could have made the characters more likable in the film. 

I wanted to see a rival instructor across the street who wears a gi that is just loaded with patches.
It would have been nice to see a martial arts instructor like the one in Napoleon Dynamite challenge Danny's character. 
Also would have liked to see a Bruce Lee impersonator in the film.
Secret techniques, underground tournaments, internet warriors, training montage, so much potential here!

The film looks like everyone had a lot of fun during filming.
The film overall makes light hearted fun of these kinds of egotistical instructors and features martial arts action without being too hardcore.
I enjoyed it enough that I want to see more.

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