Saturday, June 2, 2012

WAR WITH THE EVIL POWER MASTER choose your own adventure game book

WAR WITH THE EVIL POWER MASTER Game Book review by Wmpyr

It seems like this book is not too popular, but I personally enjoyed it. First of all let me point out that the author is a former consultant of the Peace Corps in Washington DC and West Africa. To me this is very interesting because I like to imagine that some of his personal experiences had to affect some of the scenes depicted in this book. Also the incredible illustrations were done by an artist who has worked for Marvel Comics and Heavy Metal magazine. In this book you are a young but able commander of the Lacoonian System Rapid Force. Your going to be running around this science fiction setting attending important meetings, flying in space ships, and infiltrating the enemy base. Once the action starts things can move very fast because large significant actions can take place in a few sentences without much detail just informing you of what happened. This can make things feel a little detached for you, but at the same time, forces move in and take care of the job all thanks to the information that you were able to discover, in other words your still just a pawn of a large team, and it feels that way as it should. The Evil Power Master does have a generic name but he the character is quite interesting, he changes appearances into some very curious forms such as the three-headed person, small lobster thing, and old/young two-face, and there is also the question of perhaps he is not all that evil. I didn't know that this was a sequel to Prisoner of the Ant People, I haven't read that one and it doesn't seem to be a problem if you start off with this book. At least on the most part, decisions that you make seemed to be quite logical in my opinion, so many times in other game books I find myself shaking my head at the results of the choices. My final conclusion is that this is not bad at all but it does require multiple readings to enjoy it, for me it was one of those, it gets better as you reread it type of things.

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