Friday, July 27, 2012


film review by Wmpyr

Get ready to be sucked into the world of SLUG STREET SCRAPPERS with this ambitious sequel that is bigger and badder than the first film.

The sequel successfully establishes a world where the Sluggers exist, constantly competing for higher and higher rankings.

Within this world there are wacky characters inspired no doubt from fighting games such as STREET FIGHTER, DEAD OR ALIVE, TEKKEN, MORTAL KOMBAT, DOUBLE DRAGON, and STREETS OF RAGE.

These wacky characters are played by highly talented actors that bring something to the table that will definitely catch your eye.
And this time we are treated with a much larger roster.
You want to watch the first film so that you get to see Punchy McBritches played by Jessie Graff who wows the audience with her martial gymnastics and muscular physique.

But in this film, there are just too many interesting characters that you don't want to miss! And like I said before EVERYONE brings something note worthy to the table. Whether it's believable crisp looking fighting skills, amazing acrobatic trick martial arts moves, highly skilled traditional martial arts moves, display of fitness and flexibility, solid acting, or model like looks.

With these video game characters come to life, we have a world that is clear and beautifully shot, editing is smooth, the beginning boasts the character roster in a music video format which works well to bring the excitement. The location for the fight scene between Broker and Knuckles in particular is very memorable.
The story reminds me of the popular anime Ranma 1/2, love comedy mixed with martial arts.

On a personal note I have to say that, having watched tons of martial arts action B-movies from the 90s, I really like it when the main character is a kickboxer like Don the Dragon Wilson and Olivier Gruner just to name the few. Micah Brock is a kickboxer who plays such a role.

This has got to be one of the best unique and independent films I've ever seen on Youtube.
A successful blend of high skill martial arts with action packed fights scenes with wacky comedy that doesn't take itself too seriously.

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