Thursday, September 6, 2012

SNAGette Fixed Blade by Krudo Knives

SNAGette Fixed Blade from Krudo Knives
review by Wmpyr

Length - 5 1/4"
Blade - 2"

The SNAGette is well thought out and unique because it incorporates the sheath as part of the self-defense package.

Four sheath tactics:
1. Attach keys to use as a self-defense flail.
2. Launch keys and sheath at attacker as a projectile.
3. Strike with bottom of sheath to deploy blade and get bonus cut.
4. Leave sheath on and use SNAGette as a controller

What is a controller?
A controller is a self-defense tool from Krudo Knives that uses pain to control your attacker. If you look at a self-defense palm stick like a Kubotan or a Yawara stick, they basically have two functions (not including the key flail). Concentrate force to a smaller impact area for striking and applying pressure. It only makes sense to save your hand from damage by using a tool that is harder than any part of your body. The second function is to create leverage and assist you in pain compliance techniques. Both SNAG and SNAGette controller do both of these fuctions better than the standard palm stick. The S-shap provides more leverage, and the different regions of the controller such as the point, blade area, pommel, finger holes, spine of the blade, can do something a little bit different from the next.

-The SNAGette can be gripped without using the finger holes.
-The SNAGette can be used to flip like a Karambit, and it flips well.
-The twin holes provide extra grip security.
-You can actually grab things while holding this knife.

1) As a keychain
2) Hip carry (use carabiner on belt)
3) Neck knife

SNAGette can be used as a modern urban self-defense tool. It can also be used as a back up weapon for military and security forces. Note that the SNAGette can be held while operating a firearm.

The SNAGette is a compact version of the SNAG knife. It still retains the unique S-shape design to increase leverage. With a small compact knife for self-defense, the danger IMO is hurting your hand when slashing. If you don't believe me, take out a small knife and then go find a tree with really rough barks on it. Slash at the tree with about 80% force and if you miss even a little there is a strong chance that you can scrape your knuckles against the bark. Like I mentioned before the SNAGette shares the SNAG shape so the belly of the blade edge sticks out further from your hand than a conventional straight blade design. The S-shape also retains solid striking capability, and the two finger holes offer some extra finger protection. But the SNAGette also has hooking capability which is much safer than slashing. The SNAGette is also excellent for concealment but also when your in a CQC (Close Quarters Combat) situation it is less of a threat to you because of the minimal blade size, just ask a Police Officer, how likely is an assailant liable to stab themselves with their own knife during an arrest.

I highly recommend the SNAGette Fixed Blade, also the SNAGette Controller to go with it. You can carry one and leave the other for a special location, or carry both for extra security. What I like is that you can actually have both of them simultaneously in one hand to compound the benefits as well.

At the end of the day, my conclusion is that it's super compact, light weight with a sleek profile, but still retains quality and strength, your never gonna see another "similar looking" knife have all these well thought out features, how could you not like this knife? Krudo Knives impressed the hell out of me yet again!

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