Monday, April 15, 2013

Custom Karambit Tomahawk hybrid by Wmpyr

Karambit Tomahawk

Fully functional as a Karambit and a Tomahawk. In addition I wanted this to be comfortable in various grips whether as a Karambit or Tomahawk.

The pommel butt end has a glass breaker surrounding the Karambit finger hole(largest hole). The 3 smaller holes are for handle scales, paracord handle, Tomahawk screw holes, and last but not least, if you have more than one of these you can attach them together to form a custom blade shape(mini battle axe, halberd, twin claws, etc.). The second largest hole is by the blade edge, it is a partial finger hole for finer cutting tasks and blade weight reduction. The blade edge is on the front and the tip is on the side where as to most knives have the reverse(edge on side and tip on front), this is results in safer handling and good ergonomics when slashing and stabbing. Blade edge is a chisel grind so that you can sharpen it out in the field. The non edge region of the blade has aggressive jimping and a carved out area for hooking techniques.
The kydex sheath not pictured will be a combat sheath. With the combat sheath on, you can use the blade as a non lethal impact tool. It will feature a quick release, thumb ramp, pressure point tip, scraping area, and water vent.
I plan to have multiple versions available: FIXED BLADE - Titanium, H1, AUS8 TRAINER/IMPACT TOOL - Aluminum, Polymer FOLDER - Titanium/FRN, H1, AUS8

The trainer will be able to take razor blades.

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Unknown said...

The karambit is no doubt the most tactical knife which does need some training as well.