Sunday, April 14, 2013

P001 Body Guard Knife from Knives STI revisited review by Wmpyr

The P001 Body Guard Tactical Knife is a unique tactical folding knife from Knives STI and it is their flagship product. It was designed by international security expert and martial arts expert Jeff Thenier.
In the closed position, this knife is a robust and powerful impact tool that has two main areas for striking. When the blade is locked in the pistol grip position, the ergonomics of this knife is highly unique and it makes a natural transition for those people who are use to the hand gun. This knife can also be locked in a standard knife position.
What makes this knife so amazing is that it encompasses so many different knife combat styles. This single knife contains characteristics from many weapons such as the Sai, Knuckle duster, club, Karambit, Tonfa, pistol bayonet, and straight razor.

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