Sunday, April 14, 2013

SNAG Live Blade Folder revisited review by Wmpyr

The SNAG Live Blade Folder is a unique tactical knife designed specifically for self-defense and combat by martial arts expert Louis Krudo from Krudo Knives. They have many well thought out original knives and products, but the SNAG is their flagship knife. The SNAG has a Karambit body with an extreme upswept Persian style blade. In the closed position, the SNAG Folder can be used as a non lethal impact Karambit tool designed for pain compliance. Thanks to the straight razor style blade lever, there are many ways to deploy the blade (off of your opponent, your pocket seam, thumb, etc). The curved blade of the SNAG simply means that this knife is basically all belly, which gives you a deep cut when slashing. The curved blade also encourages deep penetration when stabbing. The overall S shape gives you tremendous leverage, and it is further accented with a thumb support to give you even more. If you like unique knives, tactical knives designed by martial arts experts, then this knife is a must have!

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