Thursday, June 6, 2013

Space Pirate MTK (Monster Training Knife)

Eskrima MTK (Monster Training Knife)

  • Highest Quality Acrylic!!!
  • Self-defense Impact Tool
  • From the Invisible Predator line
  • Training knife specifically for Eskrima
$25 plus shipping and handling
$45 to upgrade with beautiful wooden handle scales plus shipping and handling

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The MTK was designed by Eskrima instructor Wmpyr for two purposes. A deluxe training knife for Filipino Martial Artists, that can also be used as an effective and formidable self-defense impact tool. The Space Pirate is a successful rendition of the MTK but it does more!

It cuts through the air incredibly smooth, and the ice crystal acrylic makes it invisible. Invisible speed is one of the scariest things to go up against.

"I have never marveled at a training knife before, but I find myself repeatedly just gazing at the beauty of the Space Pirate, admiring the design and craftsmanship. This is a complete success in making training knives cool and exciting!" - Wmpyr

The Space Pirate was designed by RW who did his own research and added his own flavor to the original design. The curved cutlass style blade makes fluid slashes that roll off your wrist, but still keeps the stabbing capability, but also adds the ability to stab from around like a hook. There is a skull crushing region on the pommel, and a nice blade catcher with scalloped ridges.

The main purpose of the MTK is to transfer the skills that you have developed with your Eskrima stick to your EDC knife. Normally your EDC knife is going to be a utility knife on the smaller side. To go from Eskrima stick to a small knife is a big jump, the MTK is designed to bridge that gap, and act as a link to go from stick to MTK, and then from MTK to EDC knife. When you can transfer your stick fighting skills to your knife, your knife combat skills will drastically improve!

"RW completely understands the concepts behind the MTK and his interpretation the Space Pirate does everything that the MTK was intended to do plus more." -Wmpyr

For $25 plus shipping and handling you are getting a monster sized, latest, state of the art training equipment that doubles as a self-defense impact tool. Also makes a wonderful display like any other of RW's high quality custom hand made products.

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