Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Imaginext Ion Alien Headquarters playset review by Wmpyr

Ion Alien Headquarters play set from Fisher-Price Imaginext
toy review by Wmpyr

To me this set is a must have if you like the Imaginext space and alien line. There is really nothing bad I can say about it. The price of $20 for a playset to me is a good deal. Yes I know that Imaginext has reused the base mold for this play set many times, but to me that just means that your getting a tried and tested solid play set. Alright the only bad thing I guess would be if you have the other play sets with the same base mold, things are gonna feel a bit redundant.

The look of this play set is awesome. From the movable mechanical tentacles to the translucent cyclops dome, the Headquarters itself looks alive and menacing. The eyeball scanner gimmick and the revolving door are a nice touch. If had to be super picky then I can say that I would have preferred another action gimmick over the eyeball scanner, but hey I'm not complaining. There is also a cyclops alien cannon that reminds me a lot of Slimer. A cannon that can also double as a floating alien ghost, pure genius! The set comes with an alien commander who looks like a cyclops cyborg. He is very cool looking, but he also comes with a laser rifle and a translucent cyclops tentacle armor that steals the show. When he puts it on, he looks a bit like a mini version of the play set, maybe to control the headquarters in a more direct way, like to be one with the headquarters or something, which is nice and bizarre and it would probably make Stanley Kubrick proud. The back of the box actually suggests that you put the alien armor on a human astronaut (not included) and try to sneak him into the base. Conveniently there is an alien prison area which to me looks more like a torture chamber, so I guess the human is suppose to get caught.

Definitely one of the best play sets I have ever owned, and that includes all the Kenner Star Wars ones that I had as a kid back in the day. I highly recommend the Ion Alien Headquarters, most of it's actual sculpt not cardboard inserts or decals, okay there is actually one decal, but like I said the majority is all sculpt, and it's quite sturdy Unlike some of the legendary play sets from yesteryear. It's easily one of my favorite Imaginext toys probably because it reminds me of the sci-films from the 50s, 60s, and 70s.

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