Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Imaginext Space Station Hauler truck review by Wmpyr

Imaginext Space Station Hauler truck from Fisher-Price
toy review by Wmpyr

I got this online thinking it was for sure going to blow me away. While I don't hate it, I'm not impressed by it either, I kind of don't know what to think of it yet. Is it a good deal or not? So far it's not yet determined. All I can say is that it's not bad, actually nowhere near bad, it's pretty cool.

It comes with a space guy, upper body suit, and laser gun, pretty standard stuff. It also comes with a robot that has working wheels, working clamp for arms, and a WALL-E looking head that makes him quite the keeper. Apparently he hates aliens. And this set comes with 3 mini aliens that hate him back. The 3 mini aliens look pretty cool and steal the show. Apparently they can combine together to form some super alien in order to battle their nemesis the robot. You basically just stack them up, but the example on the back of the box is wrong. The 4-legged alien is the base, but the alien with the mechanical claws should be next, and then finally topped with the tree trunk alien as the head. This way the aliens actually fit onto each other, rather than just balancing on top of each other. If this wasn't cool enough, each alien has the ability to mind control the space guy by docking on his head like a hat. I don't care if the box says ages 3 to 8, mind controlling aliens that can combine to be a super alien this is way too cool just to be a kid's toy. Gremlins, Ghoulies, Critters, whatever they were thinking when they designed these guys, my hat goes off to you!

Now moving onto the truck, which really isn't bad. They went the extra mile by making the wheels move slightly up and down to give you a moon rover effect. I like how the back trunk opens up to become a ramp for the robot, but I do not like how the top of the vehicle is left open and exposed.

Overall not a bad set, I think my expectations were just too damn high. However the Deluxe Orange Alien figure that also came attached with this set completely blew me away. So between the 2 sets, I recommend the Deluxe Space Alien over the Space Station Hauler, plus it should be a whole lot cheaper.

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