Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Imaginext Superman Playset review by Wmpyr

Imaginext DC Super Friends Superman playset from Fisher-Price
toy review by Wmpyr

I'm not quite sure why this set costs $8 more than the Ion Alien Headquarters. It must be the DC licensing fee, rolling my eyes.

Overall the set looks good, you can imagine it's some kind of Kryptonian architecture, although I would prefer the Fortress of Solitude look from the Christopher Reeves films. I really like the platform area on the very top for some epic battles. It also comes with a cannon that can be detached and placed on 2 different locations. A cause and effect armory that stores Superman's armored cape, which I think would have been a lot better if it was large enough to store a figure inside and use it as a crystal chamber that can remove super powers like in the 2nd Christopher Reeves Superman film. There is even a prison cell on the backside which does seem a bit odd, since the backside isn't used for anything else, but hey I'm not complaining! There is a small control room looking platform that stores the Superman key. On top of all this, there is an area where you clip on two figures and make them fight each other by pressing on a single lever. This clever feature absolutely steals the show on this playset! It will keep you entertained for a long time, you can relax now because life is now good.

This set comes with Superman and General Zod. I really like how Superman has a removable armored cape, since it makes him look more like a Kryptonian and less like an earthling. General Zod is where it's at for me, you know I'm going to be repeatedly quoting the movie with lines like, kneel before Zod! The son of Jor-El is a coward. I just wish he had that beard, but I do like his outfit.

The set also comes with a ton of accessories. The aforementioned Superman's armored cape, Superman key, plus two lance/sword like weapons, and shackles for Zod.

If you can get this set for $20 or less I think it's a really REALLY good set. Highly recommended!

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