Friday, February 20, 2015

Bad Biology and Street Trash double film review by Wmpyr

Bad Biology (2008) and Street Trash (1987)
double film review by Wmpyr

I saw both of these films back to back one night because I was really wanting to see a non main stream kind of film. Interesting enough both of these films seem like they could have been made by Troma, which is really cool in my book. I must say that I enjoyed both tremendously.

I was really looking forward to seeing Bad Biology because it was directed by Frank Henelotter, the man who did Frankenhooker which is one of my favorite B-movie horror films. I still like Frankenhooker better, but I really enjoyed this one. I thought it was very well made, and if this had been made by Troma it would have been a really solid A-grade Troma flick, maybe a little too well done for Troma, no disrespect to Troma, they have their own style. Thankfully the gore is minimal in this one, but the story telling with narration by the female lead really works for me. It almost comes across as a David Cronenberg meets Troma flick because I feel like I'm entering this bizarre world of these two sex mutants. The only downside is the male lead, I thought he looked the part, but the way he portrayed the character was painful for me to watch, especially since he is constantly just yelling, which was just annoying rather than making me think that he is a psycho in severe emotional trauma. He almost ruins the movie for me, but I was able to still enjoy it because everything else was quite interesting. Really enjoyed the warped dialog scene at the diner.

Between the two films, I feel that Bad Biology is a better made film, and more interesting, but I found Street Trash to be more enjoyable. It's definitely campier and I like that, this one is definitely closer to the Troma style films with wacky characters and gore. I like that it primarily focuses on hobos living in a junkyard. And I enjoyed the A-wall Vietnam vet as the main bad guy who also had a stellar fight scene with a super cop.

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