Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Imaginext space Blue Alien and Red Alien toy review from Wmpyr

Imaginext blue and red space alien from Fisher-Price
toy review by Wmpyr

The red space alien has a frog looking face, designed to eat your imaginext astronaut figure. It has moving arms with tentacles growing out the sides. His belly is made of a transparent softer rubber. He comes with a smaller parasite alien that sits on his eye and can mind control astronauts by being worn like a helmet.

Even though the bigger frog like red alien is cute, he has enough details to satisfy the adult toy collector. And there is nothing cute about being eaten and then digested in it's soft veined belly. The smaller parasite alien also has a ton of details and it's actually quite grotesque looking, it doesn't look cute at all which would totally appeal to horror movie fans like myself, plus how can you not like mind controlling aliens? I was wondering where Imaginext got it's inspiration to design such toys, and I could only think of films like Ghoulies, and Critters. But then one day I was surfing online for vintage toys and I came across a 1991 toyline called Boglins. These parasite aliens look like Boglins, that must be it, how friggin cool!!!

The Blue space Alien has a button on it's back to make a chomping action. Then it can split into two different aliens where the top part forms an octopus like creature, and the bottom part is a cyclops toad like creature. The cyclops toad can eat your imaginext astronaut figure. It also comes with a smaller parasite alien that resembles a mean looking goblin-octopus hybrid. Even though it cannot attach itself onto the larger Blue alien, it can be worn like a helmet to mind control any unfortunate astronaut figure. Interesting to note is that the top part of the blue alien can also mind control an astronaut although it does look like a ridiculous sombrero hat because it's way too large. It's still a neat feature and I'm glad they did it, it makes me think that the blue alien must be the Emperor of all parasite aliens due to his size and same mind controlling ability.

The Blue Alien has been reviewed a few times by adult toys collectors because of it's similarity to the H2Ghost from The Real Ghost Busters toy line. So the Blue alien seems to be highly sought after by adult toy collectors. I really commend imaginext for producing toys that are based off of toys from yesteryear. Not only will adult toy collectors like myself eat this stuff up. It's also a great way for the parents to share with their kids a toy they are familiar with.

I'm extremely impressed by both sets, I can't quite decide which alien set I prefer, they are both so good, I think I might like the red one slightly more. I'm so glad that Imaginext made these horrific and creative monster aliens! Imaginext sets like this are exactly the reason why I got into Imaginext and as long as they keep making more toys like this, I will keep buying and continue to be a fan.

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