Friday, February 20, 2015

Zombie Dice and Cthulhu Dice custom game mod

Cthulhu Dice
by Wmpyr

Been a fan of Zombie Dice, have enjoyed it many times with different people because it's simple and easy to learn and not to mention fun. I also have the expansion pack Zombie Dice 2, which I also enjoy. I have also enjoyed Steve Jackson's Fighting Fantasy books, so I decided to give Cthulhu Dice a try even though it didn't look too fun when I saw a video of it on Youtube. I bought Cthulhu Dice and sadly I don't care for the way it plays, I like the subject matter and the dice looks cool, but it just wasn't has fun as Zombie Dice.

So here are some alternate rules for playing Zombie Dice with the addition of Cthulhu Dice. During your turn, after you roll your zombie dice like normal, you can decide to roll the Cthulhu Dice and your turn ends after you do that and take the necessary action(s). You can roll the Cthulhu dice after you roll the zombie dice once, twice, etc, but after you roll Cthulhu your turn ends.

1. YELLOW SIGN (The Question Mark?)
Roll all shot guns to see if you get any brains, and add them to your current number of brains that you rolled this round.

Lose 1 brain if you have rolled any this round.

3. ELDER SIGN (looks like a star)
Re-roll all dice in front of you, and if you have more brains then other symbols then you get the number of dice you just rolled as brain points. If not you get 0 points.

Loose all brains (lose all points for that round, you get 0 points for that round)

5. EYE
Roll all foot prints to get any brains.

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