Sunday, February 15, 2015

Imaginext Ion Slug space alien review by Wmpyr

Imaginext Ion Slug space alien from Fisher-Price
toy review by Wmpyr

Overall I am disappointed in this set and it would be difficult for me to recommend it. The alien figure they give you is not bad at all, he is the same alien that comes with the Ion Crab set which is a wonderful set. The problem here is with the Ion Slug. It's just not a fun toy.

The concept of an alien monster slug is very cool. He has ghost like arms, tentacles on his head, he is a cyclops, really big mouth, cute short tail, and two flying alien lampreys that are attachable. His main gimmick is that he can move his arms and tentacles as you roll his wheel on the ground. Sad to say that this gimmick doesn't really entertain me that much. The other problem is that he is basically shaped like a motorcycle and easily tips over.

In all fairness I want to share with you some design ideas on how I would improve this figure. The main thing I would do is make his eyeball removable. On one side of the eyeball, it would have the pupil and iris sculpted, on the other side it would have a monster face sculpt in homage to the vintage toy line Mad Balls. I would do this first and foremost because it would make the toy much more fun and increase playability which should be priority, and I really like it when Imaginext makes toys honoring vintage toys from yesteryear. I think that is one of the best reasons for anyone to get into and support Imaginext. Another idea comes to mind when looking at the Imaginext Captain Cold set, he comes with a sled that fires a white sphere (snowball). I think it would be really neat if the Ion Slug could swallow his own eyeball and launch it out of his own mouth. This would allow the mouth of the Ion Slug to be hollow and allow for people to make the Ion Slug eat things. A simple fix would be to widen the base of the Ion Slug so that it can stand better. While I like that it has wheels, I do not care for the rolling-action feature. A third idea I have to improve this monster is to make him somehow attachable to a figure. I'm imagining Golobulus from GI Joe The Movie when he is in some floating tentacle pod. If a figure could connect with the Ion Slug it can transform their lowerbody into a Jabba the Hut-centaur kind of creature.

All in all, I feel that an alien cyclops slug monster is a great idea, it's just too bad that the final product doesn't live up to the concept.

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