Friday, February 27, 2015

Quest For Fire film review by Wmpyr

Quest For Fire (1981)
film review by Wmpyr

Ever since I saw the comedy movie Caveman starring Ringo Star, I have liked caveman films. I saw Caveman back in the 80s and I also saw Yor the Hunter from the Future and Quest for Fire back then, and I remember enjoying all of these films. Despite the majorly disappointing and unwatchable 10,000 BC, a few years ago I got to see another caveman comedy Homo Erectus which I actually enjoyed unlike everyone else. Recently I saw 2 films that featured cavemen. The Land that Time Forgot and The People that time Forgot, both of which I enjoyed tremendously. To top that off I got 2 caveman toys from Imaginext and a Mighty Max dinosaur play set that came with a caveman. So I'm all about cavemen right now!

The acting, location, and story, all three things come together beautifully and I am absolutely impressed by this film. It had to have taken balls to make this, it features a ton of violence, lesser evolved cavemen that look more like Big Foot, vicious wolves (remember this is pre The Grey), saber tooth tigers, a satisfying pre CGI Wooly Mammoth scene, cannibal cavemen, higher civilized mud people, quick sand, caveman sex, fire starting, the arrow throwing weapon the Atlatl, evil cavemen, angry mother bear, what more can you ask? This film has it all, they pulled it off, the actors must have went through hell filming those shots in nature. To me this is an epic type film where they had to take a huge risk making this where there wasn't even any real dialogue. This is one of my favorite films along with Life Stinks, and Shadow of the Vampire. 5/5 stars

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