Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Return to Brookmere TSR Endless Quests gamebook review by Wmpyr

second review by Wmpyr

Return to Brookemere is one of my favorite gamebooks of all time, and it is a gamebook that I have treasured and enjoyed since I was in grade school. I like this gamebook because it doesn't feel as kiddie as some other gamebooks, and I also like the way it's written. There is a certain sadness to the story since your an Elven fighter who has lost his home. I also like that it's not about just rushing into battle after battle, but you have to use your wits and stay hidden as you scout your former home the castle. I don't think this is a hard gamebook to beat but I finally beat it for the first time and I got to get a complete picture of the story in its entirety, and I have to say that I enjoyed it tremendously.

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