Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Imaginext Dinosaurs combiners Robot Dinosaur Robosaur review by Wmpyr

Imaginext Dinosaurs combiner set from Fisher-Price
toy review by Wmpyr

There are five dinosaurs you have to buy to complete the entire set. Each dinosaur comes with a driver and his armor, and a mechanical armor for the dinosaur where the driver can sit and operate the dinosaur like the vintage 1988 toy line Dino-Riders. I really like how these dinosaurs are a throwback to the Dino-Riders toy line, especially since I was an 80s kid and I feel that the 80s had some of the coolest toys ever.

We have a T-rex which is the largest and most expensive of the five. Then we have the Stegosaurus and Triceratops which are equal in price and the next largest. And finally we have the Allosaurus and Raptor which are the two smaller dinosuars that are equal in price. The figures are the weakest part of each set, the dinosaurs are really cool, but the best part is when you get all five sets, and combine the armors together to form the Robot Dinosaur which I have been calling Robosaur. This combiner ability really takes this toy to the next level. It's truly amazing!!!

The Dinosaurs are super basic in articulation, and not very detailed because they have an animated look, which actually works great for all but the Stegosaurus which has a goofy looking face. The rest actually look pretty mean for imaginext dinosaur standards. I really like how each Dinosaur is not electronic in any way unlike some of their older Dinosaur sets.

The Robosaur does have electronics, but thank goodness you can remove the batteries. The Robosaur is an awesome sight invoking thoughts of Mecha Gojira, Trypticon, and maybe even a mechanical dinosaur from a monster truck rally. Even though he looks very complex, he's actually made up of five parts. Nice stiff joints in the arm and legs. He can hold up to 6 pilots at one time. He features a lot of gimmicks like a rotating circular saw, working claw, and grappling hook launcher, and two missile launchers. Since the very first Transformer gestalt that I saw, which was Devastator, and the many Sentai/Power Ranger combiner robots I've seen, I've always been interested in combiner bots. A few times I have been able to acquire them and sadly many times they have been a disappointment. Probably because they are too complicated and fragile. The Robosaur really fixes this problem, and the result is a solid and truly gigantic toy.

Imaginext has released a few giant robots, such as the transforming Batbot, but I like Robosaur the best. I like that he's not just some generic looking massive robot but that he actually has a dinosaur looking head. It did feel like a monumental task to collect and purchase all five dinosaurs but at the end of the day I'm glad that I did and I do highly recommend it.

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