Saturday, February 14, 2015

THE HUMANOID and STARCRASH film review by Wmpyr

The Humanoid (1979) and Starcrash (1978)
double film review by Wmpyr

I wanted to see Yor The Hunter from the Future, which was a movie I saw a few times back in the day as a kid, but I couldn't find it online so instead I watched The Humanoid and then unsatisfied so I also watched Starcrash. Both of these films were mild entertainment, B-movies cashing in on the Star Wars craze, but I think I prefer Starcrash simply because the messiah kid in The Humanoid was too annoying for me. It wasn't his acting, but the story that relied too much on this mystical magical kid.

The Humanoid has Richard Kiel "Jaws" from the 007 flicks, sort of as a Chewbacca + Han Solo kind of guy except he is suppose to be super nice, but then he is changed to a super soldier and becomes speechless that reminds me of his Mystery Science classic Eegah that has a 2.2 rating on IMDB. The main villain pretty much wears a Darth Vader helmet rip-off and he has glowing hands instead of a lightsaber. Nice to see Corinne Clery, and Barbara Bach as an Elizabeth Bathory type character, but as mentioned earlier the kid was just too annoying for me. The almighty kid with psychic powers saves the day is just too much and not interesting enough for me.

Starcrash was like a B-movie version of Star Wars and Barbarella for me. I found it pretty entertaining up until the very end where they began to invade the bad guys space fortress. I honestly lost interest even though the infamous let's swim in outer space scene occurs there. I didn't mind the special effects until they showed the giant amazon robot, that scene was difficult to watch because it was so terrible. Lots of crazy characters in this including a laser shooting mask wearing Hasselhoff!

If someone combined the best of both films and remove the bad parts now that would be very fun!

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