Sunday, February 15, 2015

Female Vampire movie review by Wmpyr

Female Vampire (1973)
film review by Wmpyr

This Italian flick stars the legendary Lina Romay. Even though it's a vampire flick, I have to say that this is basically a softcore porn movie. It's like the director was in love with Lina and was saying to the audience, look I've made a film for you to masturbate to her. She is a nympho throughout the film sleeping with men and women, and also self-gratifying herself.

The visuals is nice, the filming is interesting, people said that the pacing is slower than normal for this director, but it didn't bother me. I just didn't care that there are a big portion of the film shot in broad day light, which ruins the vampire theme and mood for me. I like the scenes where she is wandering in the ghastly forest but then she ends up in some popular hotel resort in the middle of the day, and that just didn't fit to me.

Overall I'm glad to have seen this, since it is still a vampire flick, but it's not my favorite Italian vampire movie. I do like the scenes where she stands on the balcony and flaps her cape and the next shot is a bat flying off in the distance. And then we see a shot from the inside of a car driving down a road as you can see the hood ornament is flapping it's wings, these kinds of creative shots are a very nice touch. I've seen Blood for Dracula (1974) Requiem for a Vampire (1971), Fascination (1979), The Velvet Vampire (1971), and Lips of Blood (1975). While it's not the worst one from this list, it's not the best one either.

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