Sunday, March 1, 2015

trancers III from Full Moon

Trancers 3 (1992)
film review by Wmpyr

I've been wanting to watch this Full Moon flick for a while now. I did enjoy the first 2 films, but I have to say that this one so far is my favorite. From the moment Shark the large android that Jack Deth likes to call Godzilla, makes an appearance I was all happy because even though I didn't remember this film, I remembered Shark all these years. I like the training facility run by Colonel Daddy Muthuh. I thought Dawn Anne Billings looked magnetic in this physical role that required her to have some fight scenes. I could tell that she has dance training, she along with many of the other actors did a good job bringing many of their qualities to the table. I thought the plot was going to be a jumbled mess, but it was actually quite straight forward and I was just able to enjoy the action, however I did miss the slow motion watch. Looking forward to seeing the Trancer films that come after this one.

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