Saturday, May 16, 2015

Generations Combiner Wars Armada Megatron review by Wmpyr

Generations Armada Megatron review
by Wmpyr

This Armada Megatron is the most expensive Transformer that I have bought to this day. I have to say that this is my favorite Transformer ever and I really like it. Why do I like it so much? First of all I like villains, they are more colorful in character. I like Megatron but the G1 Megatron has been done so many times. He's over exposed in my opinion, however the Armada Megatron is not, he's still Megatron, but it's a rare incarnation we don't see often. Other than the original and the McDonald's Happy Meal version, this is the only other Armada Megatron that I know of. To me Armada Megatron is like Megatron in full combat armor. The original Armada Megatron was not a bad figure, it looked pretty cool in both bot and alt modes, and it was loaded with gimmicks. This new Armada Megatron in my opinion is even better than the original because it's simplified yet the quality is better. Even though the gimmicks are gone they still kept the playfulness by giving him minicon pegs. This was a great move on their part and I applaud them for doing that. It's a bummer that the tank is no longer H shaped, but it still looks decent. The new one has a killer bot mode. It's very articulate and it looks much better than the original. The size and quality of this new one feels like it belongs in the master piece line, however they intelligently reduced the transformation to 15 steps. While not perfect, the overall result is a fine action figure and for me a must have Transformer. I rate it a 10/10.

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