Wednesday, February 17, 2016

frankenstein meets the space monster film review

frankenstein meets the space monster film review by Wmpyr

Since I am a fan of the cult classic film, Robot Monster, I wanted to see other black white science fiction monster flicks like it. This one didn't disappoint, it actually turned out to be better than I was expecting. I liked the alien princess and her right hand man who reminded me of Dr. Evil except with pointy vampire like ears. I wish she wasn't wearing that genie costume, and instead her whole crew was dressed up the way the astronauts were in the cult classic film, Planet of the Vampires. That way we could have had Frankenstein versus the space vampires. Now I have to say that Frankenstein in this film isn't the classic horror Frankenstein, but rather a cyborg named Frank that malfunctions, he ends up looking more like the Batman villain two-face than Frankenstein but it's okay. In the name of aliens needing earth women, there is a pool party and a beach girl thrown in. There is also riding around in a scooter with music that doesn't go with the movie, but perhaps goes with the era, which is something that I couldn't relate to, since this film was made before my time. The space monster is a gorilla suit with some kind of skull on top. It does fight Frankenstein at the end and it could have been a great opportunity for the director to film the worst fight scene ever like Captain Kirk versus Gorn, sadly this opportunity is missed. If you like Plan 9 from Outer space, Robot Monster, and This Island Earth, then this film should not disappoint.

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