Friday, April 29, 2016

Practice Balisong Knife Review from

Practice Balisong Knife from review by Wmpyr

A representative from said she wanted to send me this knife to review for you guys. I said sure, they kept their word and it arrived sooner than I expected, keep in mind it’s coming all the way from China.

Their website has a ton of fun stuff that I can literally browse for hours and hours. The price of this knife is super good, and so is their shipping cost. Buy from them, don’t take a risk from some unknown.

The knife itself came too stiff to flip, however I simply used some machine oil to lube it up and as you can see in my videos it flips without a problem. You just need to be a little patient because these kinds of things can happen. I’ve had the knife for about a week now, and I haven’t pampered it, in fact I’ve been kind of rough with it to test it out for you guys, I even dropped it hard on concrete once. It’s holding up really well, and providing a smooth and safe flipping experience.

In martial arts injury is the enemy because it takes time away from training and this knife is safe and legal. However do not walk around flipping this thing in public. As an Eskrima martial arts teacher I cannot stress the importance of having a training knife like this. Highly recommended!

Rating: A+ (must have)

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