Tuesday, August 16, 2016

What is Eskrima?

Eskrima is a martial art where you immediately begin from day one with single and double sticks. Many other martial art styles do not let you handle a weapon on the first day, however this is not the case when it comes to Eskrima, which makes it pretty unique. 

The sticks are called Escrima sticks. They vary in size and material, but generally speaking they are made from Rattan and are about 28 inches long.

Eskrima practitioners train with single and double sticks. They also train with various bladed weapons, usually consisting of a short sword and knife.

There is also an empty hand aspect to the art. Students learn how to fight bare handed against a bare handed opponent, and even also against an armed opponent.

Eskrima practitioners are known to be amongst the best in the world when it comes to sticks and knives. 

In addition to all this, I incorporate uisng the sticks in unorthodox ways, that come from other martial art styles such as Bayonet fighting, Cane combat, and Kendo.

I aslo strongly emphasize an improvised weapons aspect for the art. If you are serious about having the ability to use the everyday common items around you into weapons, you need to specifically train for that. It begins with using various types of sticks and if you use double sticks, make sure that the sticks are uneven in size. Next is to actually train with various items such as a fashlight, pen, t-shirt, belt, baseball cap, shoe, baseball bat, umbrella, etc.

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