Saturday, September 23, 2017

PHLAT BALL outdoor game review by Wmpyr

Is it a disc or is it a ball?

It seems like the double nature of the Phlat Ball has confused some people. And some people have also mentioned that the suction cup gimmick doesn't work too well for the Phlat Ball games mentioned on the package.  

I think that we can all agree that the easiest and many times most fun thing to do is to just play a simple game of catch. If you have more than one player, make a circle and toss the ball at whomever you want.

The Phlat Ball gives some exciting and innovative variety here. You can "Phlatten" it and pancake toss it to someone so that it pops open on them, or you can toss it to them like a frisbee. Or if your the more conventional traditionalist you can just toss it in ball form. 

It's basically a transformer in your hand, and it brings a breath of fresh air to the million year old game of catch! It's that simple, it worked for me, catch with an option! If that sounds interesting to you, I recommend it, just don't use it like a soccer ball or basket ball. 

I also own the Bash Ball from Nerf, and I think the Phlat Ball is a great addition, both balls add a new dimension to your regular ball. 

It's also a nice bonus that it can store easy in your backpack!

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